Bristol Green House Links & Downloads


Tyre walls
Straw bale walls
I-beam roof
Living roof
Clay/Lime render


Amazon Nails - the inspiring Straw Bale pioneers
Low Carbon Network - Brighton Earthship
Piers Partridge Strawdio - a wonderfully well documented straw bale project near Bristol
Carolyn Marks - garden design. Carolyn will convert our building site into a wild and interesting garden
Structural Solutions - a Bristol based structural engineering company who are working with us on this project.
Green Building Press - Information and publications to help you create healthy and ecological homes and buildings.
The Green Roof Centre - A good green roof reference website.
Sharing Sustainable Solutions - Where I got my Earthbag recipe.
Dorset Centre for Rural Skills - Training courses and a shop for eco products.

Bristol Wood Recycling Project - I've sourced loads of material from here.
Childrens Scrapstore - A brilliant Bristol resource for odd bits a pieces. You need to be an artist or teacher to be a member.

Other inspiring sites:
Ashley Vale Action Group - the self build project in St Werbergs
Small Revolutions: Voluntary Simplicity - Rob Burns fascinating and well research eco blog

Other Rik Lander related sites:
magic-tree - an online narrative
Sandy Dillon - I made the videos for blues queen Sandy Dillon on the very site of the build in summer 2005.
The Duvet Brothers - Ye olde video art from back in da day.
U-Soap Media - My company
Vonviral - The place to view, upload and comment on web drama


Bristol City Council information sheet on my green roof. 2007 PDF

Is Straw Bale Construction suitable for Self-builders in Britain?
A dissertation fro the Welsh School of Architecture by Robert Hilton who volunteered on my build and references it in the document. 2007 PDF.

Challenging Some Sustainable Building Myths or How I Built a House That Didn't Cost the Earth by Jim Carfrae. Eco-builder and researcher into Straw Bale building this is Jim's guide to building with straw. It is very succinct and useful and the house is incredibly beautiful. 2007 PDF.