This is Sandy Dillon's tribute to the straw bale studio and it was the first shoot in the space. She's joined by Ray Majors and Sir Eddie Real. It was a way of testing out the space and the recording method. Guitar, Cahon and vocals were recorded together, then banjo, shakers and backing vocals were done separately.

We don't have any traditional music studio recording equipment but envisage using cameras and edit software as the recording medium. We have used three techniques to record in the space.

1. Visual sampling. We record a short piece of say drums, then loop this and record a guitar lick and loop that, then add other parts. Then we'll create new parts of the song structure and construct the track in the edit. Piunk

2. Multi-tracking. Using the camera we record each instrument separately with each musician performing to a click track.

3. Point and shoot. Live performances caught on single or multiple cameras. Sporting Life Blues

The straw bale walls mean that the building is very well sound insulated. We are located in a very quiet corner of Bristol, not under a flight path.